Classes fees and policies

Classes fees and policies


ShreeKrithi School of Music provides an integrated course schedule of learning through theory, training, lecture demonstrations and concerts. Our teachers will create a unique opportunity to prepare our students for competitions and performances. All voice classes will have to go through mandatory sessions on “Voice Yoga”. Please see our current course offerings below.

Piano Class

Piano classes include complete instruction in the fundamentals of playing the piano, including note reading and music theory. You will gain keyboard expertise, learn to interpret many musical genres, and get the ability to express yourself artistically with this adaptable and timeless instrument.

Bollywood Voice

Dive right into class with one of our expert teachers. Rather than just listening, memorizing, and singing, this class has students discovering, analyzing, and learning different genres of light  music. This class is about “Perfect Pitch, Perfect Rhythm, Perfect Tune and Perfect Presentation”. Explore the world of film music by learning techniques and studying different genres of music.

Hindustani Music
Hindustani Basic
Hindustani Intermediate
Hindustani Advanced
Carnatic Music
Carnatic Basic
Carnatic Intermediate
Carnatic Advanced

Our Contact

Fees are payable by cash, cheque, Zelle or Venmo at

The fee structure is as follows:

  • 30 minutes private lesson – $20 per session

  • 45 minutes private lesson – $30 per session

  • 60 minutes private lesson – $35 per session

  • 60 minutes semi private lesson ( group of 2 ) – $55 per session

  • 45 minutes semi private lesson (group of 2) – $40 per session


Fees and Schedule

Tution must be paid at the beginning of the month. Students who attend all weeks in a semester will get an opportunity to record one song of their choice in the recording studio. Additional recording and studio charges will apply. The song will be released in social media under the SSM Label.


  1. Attendance at every class is compulsory. If absence is foreseen but unavoidable, please call ahead to inform the teacher. You will be charged for last minute cancellation – 24 hour notice is required. 

  2. Classes will start and end on time. So please plan to come five minutes early.

  3. Parents will not be allowed inside the classrooms. They are requested to wait in the waiting area. They are welcome to meet with the teacher after the class to learn about their child’s progress. This meeting will have to be arranged in advance.

  4. Every student is required to practice at least 30 minutes every day. We will have surprise tests during the semester so students are encouraged to take notes.

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